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Chord and scales encyclopedia for the guitar player
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Guitar Power is a very comprehensive chord and scales encyclopedia for the guitar player. It features all the notes of the music scale, including sharps and flats, and all the chords derived from them in all their variants and positions. It also features all the scales and modes used in Western music, and some other "exotic" scales, like Arabian, Persian, Byzantine, Jewish and Flamenco scales for adding an original flavor to your music. You can listen to every chord and scale just by clicking the "Play" icon.
All the chords and scales are featured in a realistic guitar fretboard, highlighting the root and chord notes. Also, the software presents the suggested fingering for each chord. Another useful feature is the tuning option, that lets you tune your guitar not only in standard tuning, but in some other tunings like open D, open G, open E and dropped D.
Besides, you can practise the chords and scales you have learned using the Jam Trax, which are sequences of chords, accompanied by bass and drums, that serve as backing tracks for you to improvise over them.
If you are a guitar player who wishes to learn and improve your knowledge of the fretboard, regardless of your style (rock, jazz, classic, flamenco...), this software is absolutely for you.

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