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Guitar Power is a chord, scales and arpeggios guide for guitar players. It has a simple interface showing the guitar fingerboard and a list of all the 12 notes (natural and accidental). From here, you can find any chord form you may think of. For example, let's say that you need to find the fingering of the F#7(b5,#9) chord. It may look very complicated, but all you have to do is to click on the F# button, select the Chords tab, click on the Altered Dominant chords menu and select the 7(b5,#9) option. Some chords have more than one voicing, in which case, all the voicings will appear in a box, allowing you to choose one or another. The fingering of that chord will appear in the fingerboard by clicking on the voicing, allowing you to practice it. Also, you can hear how the chord sounds by clicking on the speaker-shaped button. The same process applies to scales, arpeggios, notes, triads and so on.
A very interesting feature is the Chord finder, which allows you to assemble any fingering or note combination in the fingerboard, telling you the name of the chord formed, as well as its root note and other characteristics. This is very useful when you know the fingering but not the name or the notes that constitute a given chord.
If you play guitar professionally or just for fun, you may find this program very useful regardless of the style you play. The trial version is fully functional during 30 days; nevertheless, it shows a "nag screen" from time to time. You can download and test a newer, more recent version at the developer's site.

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